Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer

Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer was the first non-dairy powdered coffee creamer to enter the market place in 1961. Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer soon became America’s favorite non-dairy creamer.

In 1989 Nestle introduced the non-dairy liquid Coffee Mate coffee creamer. The liquid non-dairy coffee creamer quickly became the best selling liquid coffee creamer on the market. Liquid Coffee Mate coffee creamer is a high quality, non diary liquid coffee creamer in handy portion-control tubs. It requires no refrigeration and has the longest fill weight retention in the industry”.

Our Coffee Mate flavored coffee creamer selection includes Amaretto, Hazelnut, Irish Crème, and French Vanilla flavors in addition to regular Coffee Mate creamer. Try a little self-indulgence with the rich, almond flavors of Amaretto Coffee Mate creamer. A luscious, sophisticated taste you’ll love, it’s perfect as an afternoon treat, and a great way to make after-dinner coffee extra special.

Linger over a warm cup, blended with the nutty sweetness of Hazelnut flavored Coffee Mate creamer. Creamy and richly satisfying, this popular flavor goes great with desserts of all kinds, and makes an especially flavorful cup that’s always a pleasure.

Sit back and enjoy Irish Crème flavored Coffee Mate creamer. Rich, creamy and blended with a delicate hint of mint, it offers a refreshing change of pace for a delightful pick-me-up and is a delicious complement to desserts.

French Vanilla flavored Coffee Mate creamer is deliciously creamy, with classic vanilla taste that’s perfect anytime. Its rich, smooth flavor makes it the ideal cup to share with your perfect mate, or enjoy all to yourself.

Both powered and liquid Coffee Mate creamers are “low carb” diet or lifestyle friendly. The powdered creamer has 1 gram and the liquid cream has “0” gram of carbohydrate.

Today, Coffee Mate continues to work hard to stay one step ahead of consumer needs by reinventing and redefining the coffee creamer category with new variety of flavored coffee creamer and sizes. Coffee Mate creamer, liquid and powder products, are non-dairy and are Kosher according to the Orthodox Union (as indicated by the “O.U.” symbol).

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